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A unique, comprehensive program for students with disabilities, between the ages of 18 and 22.

Let us help the young adult in your life develop the skills needed to encourage a healthy sense of independence. Pathways to Employment is a comprehensive program that prepares young adults ages 18 – 22 with disabilities to transition from a school environment to independence.

What Makes Pathways Unique?

Individualized experience: Pathways staff construct a customized daily schedule that aligns to the needs of each young adult. No two participants have the same experience.

Job training: All participants learn how to search, apply for, and interview for a job. They understand how to conduct themselves in a professional setting through on-the-job training and the assistance of their job coach. Most importantly, the work experiences provide students the chance to transfer classroom learning to real- world situations.

Why Students Love Pathways

Applicable learning: As a Pathways participant, young adults focus on functional academics as they apply to daily living. Everyday tasks, serving as the foundation of the curriculum, such as budgeting, shopping, cooking, and time management enhance both math and reading skills.

Real-life experiences: Young adults in the program enjoy several short-term (2-3 months) work experiences in the community. With the help of their one-to-one job coach, participants identify work fields best suited to their strengths, interests, and aspirations.

Lasting friendships: Throughout their time in the program, participants plan and attend community outings with their peers and their families. During which they practice travel training, experience new things, learn self-advocacy, and form life-long friendships. Best of all, they have fun!

Why Parents Select Pathways

Excellent Staff: The intervention specialists, transition coordinator, and job coaches demonstrate sincere concern and respect for each young adult in the program. They evidence this by meeting each person at their readiness level and establishing appropriate steps toward achieving their chosen goals.

Observable Growth: Successful adults possess numerous soft skills that are difficult to measure but easily observed. Pathways participants exit the program having gained maturity, independence, and greater confidence, as well as life and employment skills.

Caring environment: Leaving one’s “home school” is scary for both parents and program participants. However, the routines, structures, and open communication practices implemented by the staff members enable the quick development of trust.

See what the Pathways to Employment program is like for students and parents.

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Joan Lawrence
Pathways to Employment Program Coordinator
Hamilton County ESC